Romi is also available in French, German, Italian, Portuguese,
Swedish, Spanish, Dutch and Norwegian.

  Romi for Macintosh

  • To download version 8.9.1 for MacOS X 10.6+,
    click on Romi     (Mac Intel) (4.7MB)

  • To download version 8.4 for MacOS X 10.5,
    click on Romi Universal     (Mac Intel, PowerPC) (6.2MB)

  Romi english for Windows

  • To download version 8.7.1 for Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / XP / Vista,
    click on    (2.8MB)

  • To download version 7.9 for Windows 7 / XP / Vista,
    click on  (small screen)   (2.6MB)

  • To download version 6.9.1 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME,
    click on    (1245K)

  Romi registration for Macintosh or Windows

    Romi is a $8 shareware program, you can register Romi with the author and pay the license fee.

    For more details on how to register, click on

    Note : Please note that when you have registered Romi, any future updates are free and your password remains valid for the new versions.

  Romi for iPhone or iPad

    Click on the iPhone or iPad image to view or    
    to buy Romi with iTunes on the App Store.

Romi for Android