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    Romi for iPhone iPod-Touch is partially localized in Swedish, I need some translations (about 30 lines of text). If you are interested to do the translation in Swedish, please contact me at Gerard.Brochu@romi.ca

Documentation of Romi for iPAD, iPhone, iPod-Touch.

    Romi låter dig Rummy Tile (RummyCube, Rummikub, Rami) spela mot datorn I 3 olika nivåer.
    Spelet spelas med 2 set á 52 brickor samt 2 jokrar. Syftet med detta spel är att forma grupper med 3 brickor eller fler som innehåller antingen brickor i samma valör men I olika färger (trissar/fyrtal) eller stegar i olika valörer men i samma färg.

The general rules of the game are:

    When you begin a new game, 14 cards are drawn randomly for Romi and 14 for the player. Those cards are placed on the rack in sequential order.

    The player opens his game by playing at least one group of 3 cards or more, using only the cards on his rack. The sum of those cards values must be 30 or more.

    After the player has opened the game, he can use the cards on the board to complete groups with cards on his rack. The player can move or reorganize all the cards on the board, but the new groups must be valid and be groups of 3 and more.

The particulars rules of Romi are:

    The window of Romi is divided into two principal elements: the board, with 8 rows of 23 cells where you put the cards that you play, and the rack where the player's cards are stored. The groups of cards placed on the board must be separated by one or more empty cells. The player's cards can be placed anywhere on the rack.

    To place a card on the board, you can click the card and it will move automatically on the board.

    You can also select a card and move it manually to the destination of your choice.

    You can form groups of cards on the board by clicking sequentially on each card from your rack or from the board.

    Romi does not allow you to place a card before or after a card on the board, if the group formed with this card is not valid.

    If you can't or don't want to play a card, you must draw one by clicking on the icon.

    When you have finished your turn, you click on the sand-glass . Romi checks that the game is valid and Romi plays his turn. When Romi plays, the sand-glass icon is replaced by a computer icon.


    You can form groups of cards on the board by clicking sequentially on each card from your rack or from the board.

    You can add a card to the end or to the beginning of a group of cards, by dragging the card respectively on the first or the last card of the group. If the space before or after the group is not sufficient, Romi moves the new group of cards where there is enough space.

    Romi also allows you to make two groups of cards with one group of 5 cards or more, and another card which is identical to one of this group. The two new groups must each form groups of 3 cards or more. For example if there is a group of cards like (4,5,6,7,8,9) and if you have an other 6, you can make the following two groups (4,5,6) and (6,7,8,9). The shortcut works by selecting your 6 and by dragging it on any card of the group (4,5,6,7,8,9).

Tillbehör knappen

  • Draw a card : Draw a card randomly and allow Romi to play his turn.

  • Sortera efter färg : Rearranges the player's cards on the rack by suit.

  • Inställningar : Allows you to change and save your preferences for Romi.

  • Spelade brickor : Shows you the cards played by Romi on his last turn or the cards played by you during your turn.

  • Godkänn : Check that the groups of cards played on the board are valid.

  • Information: You can see the documentation for Romi, see your scores, or begin a new game.

  • Rensa bordet : Rearranges the cards on the board in a special order like below :