Romi registration

    Romi is a shareware, you can register it with the author and pay the $8 license fee like describe below:

    You register Romi with the author and pay the $8 USD license fee by using the following PayPal formular. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can also pay securely using your credit card with the same formular.

    If you have the Euro or an other currency, you can also pay with the same formular, the amount in your currency will correspond to $8 USD.

    Note : Please note that when you have registered Romi, any future updates are free and your password remain valid for the new versions.

   Romi registration PayPal formular

    Operating System :     Language :

    Select your computer O.S. before clicking on the following button:

    Note: By paying the Romi registration fee with Paypal, you will only receive a registration password by e-mail. This password will enable you to use the full version of Romi. Be sure to give a valid e-mail address on the PayPal Web site.

    If you want to have the latest Romi version, you must download it from this Web site by clicking on the button